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The collections interface allows you to consult and manage all dashboards and insights. Click on My collections, located at the lower-left corner of your screen in the menu bar.

The collections interface

By default, all dashboards and insights are listed and can be sorted to facilitate the navigation:

  1. Use the search bar to search dashboards and insights using keywords

  2. Use the Type dropdown to list only dashboards, insights or both.

  3. Use the Ownership dropdown to list assets owned by yourself or shared with you.

  4. Use the Grid button to switch between list and grid view.

The list and grid views both show important information about each asset:

  1. Their name, which can be clicked to access a preview

  2. Their type: dashboards have a colored background

  3. Their type: insights have a transparent background

  4. Their pin status: dashboards pinned to your navigation bar will have a pin icon

  5. Their sharing status: dashboards and insights shared with multiple people have a Team icon


Perform actions on dashboards and insights

You can perform the following actions on your assets (read here for assets that were shared with you):

  • Edit: modify the dashboard or insight (read more here).

  • Pin & unpin: add or remove dashboard shortcuts in your sidebar.

  • Duplicate: Make a copy of the dashboard or insight (read more here).

  • Share: share the dashboard with members of your team (read more here).

  • Delete:

    • Permanently delete the selected dashboard(s) and optionally all insights attached to them.

    • Permanently delete the selected insight(s).

    • For list view only: checkbox to bulk delete assets at once.

Note for dashboards and insights that are shared with you:

Depending on your permissions on a shared dashboard or insight (editor or viewer), you can perform the following actions:

  • As an editor, you have read & write permissions on the dashboard and its insights (consult, modify, share, and pin the dashboard). When editing a dashboard or an insight, note that your changes will impact all users using this particular asset.

  • As a viewer, you have read-only permissions on the dashboard or insight (consult and pin to the sidebar).

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