Duplicate a dashboard
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Duplicate a dashboard

Any dashboard - from your personal collection or shared with you - can be duplicated. Any changes made to the copy will only be applied to this copy, not to the original dashboard.

You can duplicate a dashboard from the following sections:

1. From a dashboard: Click on the (...) button at the top right of your screen, then select Duplicate dashboard.

2. From your collections: Click on the (...) button then select Duplicate or click the Duplicate icon of any dashboard card.

Duplicate from the list view.

Duplicate from the grid view.

Dashboard duplicate options

When duplicating a dashboard, you can choose between several options:

What actions to perform on insights

  • Duplicate all of its insights, so you can perform changes on anything without impacting the original dashboard and insights.

  • Keep the original insights: Reference the same versions of the insights on both the original and copied dashboards. If any changes are made to an insight of the dashboard copy, they will be reported on the original dashboard.
    Note: if you choose this option for a shared dashboard, you will keep the same level of permissions on the insights: As an Editor, making changes to an insight will impact any dashboard it belongs to, including the original dashboard you copied. As a Viewer, you will not be able to make any changes to the insights although you are the owner of the dashboard.

Who to share the dashboard with

  • Duplicate the permissions so the same users have access to the dashboard copy.

  • Make the copy private to keep the copy personal, which you can share afterward.

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