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Sprint Overview dashboard
Sprint Overview dashboard
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This template provides key insights about the planned work of engineering teams.

It does not aim at replacing your standard agile/tracking tools (e.g. JIRA, Trello). Instead, it should be used as a sidekick dashboard to help you track the progress of issues and pull requests with a developer’s exclusive perspective

It provides the big picture for engineering teams’ ongoing work by aggregating and sorting all issues and pull requests in a single place instead of having to dig into different tracking tools to obtain a comprehensive view.

This dashboard acts as a funnel to empower engineering and projects leaders to:

  • Track and assess the progress of tasks against the schedule.

  • Get smart recommendations to tackle ongoing work, based on contextual factors.

  • Consult the breakdown of active items grouped by development stage.


Activity pipe: Provides an agile board with the list of active items (currently/recently worked on issues and pull requests) grouped by development stage.

This is a dynamic board, which automatically updates itself as issues and pull requests get updated by your team.

Overdue items: Measures the number of items that are still open after their due date.

This metric is used to detect planning, workload or capacity issues.

This KPI is best used with drilled-down views such as the Unaddressed overdue items insight or the Sprint overview board. Those operational insights will provide better clues as to where the bottleneck is in the delivery chain.

Recommended actions: This insight answers the question “where should we focus the effort?”.

Sprint depth: This KPI is a visual indicator complementing the Sprint progress insight and showing the total number of items included in the current medium or long-term objectives (e.g. quarter or semester objectives).

Sprint progress: This insight complements traditional burndown charts and helps monitor the progress of medium or long-term objectives (roadmap progress).

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