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To bring your dashboard to life, you will need to add a few insights and organize them onto the layout.

Add insights to your dashboard

To add an insight to your dashboard, click on the Add insight dropdown menu and select the visualization you would like to configure.

  • You can add a chart, a report, a KPI, or a card feed. See this page for details on how to create an insight.

  • You can add​ text boxes and dividers to improve your dashboard readability.

Once saved, your newly created insight will automatically appear on your dashboard. From there you can rearrange your dashboard layout and resize all insights (see the next section).

Remove insights from your dashboard

To remove an insight, click on the Edit dashboard button on the top of the dashboard (this is available for any Owner or Editor of a dashboard). You can then remove any insight from the layout.

Your insight is still available from your collections and was not permanently removed. You can access it from the Add insight modal or from the collections.

Customize the dashboard

The designer mode helps you organize your insights onto the canvas. You can access it by clicking on the Edit dashboard button located in the top right corner of your screen, next to the Add insight button.

The canvas is 16 cells wide, insights can be placed and resized as needed. The height of dashboards is not limited, you can add as many insights as you want.

Dashboard properties

To further personalize your dashboard, you can customize the following elements while in Designer mode:

  • The description (optional): you can add a description by editing the text area below the title. While it’s optional, we recommend adding a meaningful description to your dashboard to ease the onboarding of other users.

  • The icon and its color (optional): you can change the icon of your dashboard by clicking on it.

Once you are happy with your dashboard press the Save button located on the top right corner of your screen.

Note: Your changes are effective once you Save your dashboard. If you quit the page before saving or press Cancel, your dashboard will return to its last saved state.

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