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Create an insight from a Keypup template
Create an insight from a Keypup template
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Keypup provides a catalog of pre-build insights for you to start immediately using the platform.

These insights can be found in dashboard templates or can be added as standalone insights to any dashboard. To add an individual insight template, go to any dashboard you have editing permissions on.

Click the Add insight button on the right corner of the dashboard, then click Browse template & collections to open the selection modal, then select one of the insights from the Keypup templates section.

Note that the search bar can be used to search for insights titles, descriptions, and labels.

1. Click on the Create new insight from template button of the chosen insight and choose among the following options:

Configuration assistant: use the assisted interface to set up the main configurations of your insight (learn more here).

Note: this feature is only accessible when creating an insight from a template. Once created you can only access the advanced builder interface.

2. Advanced builder: use the complete interface to fine-tune the specifics of the insight, using the template as a base for the configurations.

​Note: This interface can be accessed at any point in time after the insight is created. (learn more about KPI, chart, report or cards configurations here)

3. Keep the default configuration and add to dashboard: Select and consult the insight right away on your dashboard.

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