Duplicate an insight
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Any insight - from your personal collection or shared with you - can be duplicated. When duplicated, any changes made to the copy will be isolated and will not interfere with the original insight's configuration.

You can duplicate an insight from the following sections:

1. From a dashboard’s insight: Click on the (...) button on any insight’s top right corner then select Duplicate.

2. From your collections: Click on the (...) button then select Duplicate or click the Duplicate icon of any insight card.

Duplicate from the list view.

Duplicate from the grid view.

By default, the duplicated insight will be named “Name of your insight - Copy” and will be automatically added to your personal collections.

When duplicating an insight owned by someone else the owner of the original insight will not be able to see the copy. If you wish to share this insight with team members, add it to a dashboard first then share the dashboard with your team members.

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