Connect multiple Jira sites
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If it’s your first time connecting a Jira site, read the next section. If you have already connected a Jira site, read the second section.

Connect your first JIRA site

Go to Settings > Apps & Projects > Connected Apps (or simply click here).

In the case where no JIRA site has previously been connected, click Connect on the far right of the line.

Note: You can see if an application is disconnected with the Connected/Not Connected mention on the app’s line as pictured below

This will trigger the OAuth flow with Atlassian where you will be asked to choose a site to connect.

Note: Atlassian does not allow users to select multiple sites at once, therefore you will have to redo this connection process for each site to connect.

Back on Keypup, you can now choose which JIRA projects you would like to import.

Connect additional JIRA sites

After connecting your first site, the following (+) button will invite you to connect additional JIRA sites.

This will trigger the Atlassian OAuth flow again (see Connect your first JIRA site section above) and allow you to select additional sites to connect.

You can keep on repeating this process to add as many JIRA sites as you need then select which projects you wish to import on the projects page.

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