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To connect a new project/repository, go to the Settings > Apps & Projects (or simply click here) at the bottom left section of your screen in the navigation menu.

Note : Only Admins can connect/disconnect projects to a team. This will impact your monthly billing (read more here).

This will open automatically the Imported projects tab which will show you which projects/repositories are active and which ones are disabled.

To connect, select the project(s) / repos by ticking the boxes and setting them as active by clicking the Import selected button.

Projects are then imported in 2 stages, reducing the time to wait to start reporting on these new projects.

  • Stage 1: import all issues and pull requests.

  • Stage 2: import related comments, commits

That's it! After a short period - depending on the volume of data contained in your projects / repos - you will see them set as Active.

Once your projects/repos are connected, you can build your dashboards/reports and insights through Keypup builder interfaces.

What to do next? Read about dashboards or insights!

N.B. You will be guided through all these steps on your first sign-up during your onboarding as well.

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