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My Development Assistant dashboard
My Development Assistant dashboard
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This template provides software engineers with key insights to monitor their work.

It promotes a nominal approach to highlight one’s accomplishments, rather than comparing performance between users.

The dashboard is split into two parts:

  • Priorities & upcoming work: follow the funnel to learn about your tasks and assignments, then dig into details to plan your work.

  • Recent work: factually assess your habits in the development process and get substantial insights for the retrospectives.


My activity pipe: The list of open items (issues and pull requests) currently assigned to me. This insight complements project management boards (e.g. JIRA) by showing you detailed information about issues AND pull requests, correlated together, from data gathered from apps (e.g. JIRA + GitHub).

Your tasks are sorted by due dates and automatically refreshed as issues and pull requests get updated by your team, so you can follow updates across your assignments.

My average PR size: Measures the average size of merged pull requests (in terms of lines of code changed) I have authored.

This metric is used as an entry point for development good practices, such as breaking down big pull requests into smaller ones to facilitate and accelerate code reviews & deployments.

My due dates: A breakdown per due date of items (issues and pull requests) assigned to me.

An item is considered Open when it is still active, in opposition to Closed or Merged states that describe items whose work have been completed (read more about items states here).

My items in sprint: The list of open issues and pull requests assigned to me.

My merged PRs: Measures the number of merged pull requests I have authored. This insight provides a historical view of your past development work and highlights habits in your development patterns.

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