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This template provides a high-level view of recent and ongoing deliveries. Organizations use this dashboard to stay updated on team deliveries, health of the Development Lifecycle and priorities.

The Delivery Dashboard is particularly useful to detect bottlenecks and drill down on specific issues.


Average PR size: Measures the average of lines changed (described as PR size) of all merged pull requests. That metric is used as an entry point for development good practices, such as breaking big items into smaller ones to facilitate and accelerate code reviews and deployments.

Deployment frequency: Measures the capacity of the company to deploy code to production. In a nutshell, this metric informs on your team's ability to ship features, enhancement or fixes to users.

Issue queue time: Measures the time an issue waits in the backlog before being assigned to someone in the team. A long queue time may be an indication that your backlog is crowded with stale or irrelevant issues or that your delivery team is under-resourced.

Overdue items: Measures the number of items that are still open after their due date. This metric is used to detect planning, workload or capacity issues. This KPI is best used with drilled-down views such as the “Unaddressed overdue items” insight or the “Sprint overview” board.

PR Lead Time For Changes: Measures the amount of time it takes a pull request to be merged. Organizations use this metric to streamline the development, review and merge process and eliminate development bottlenecks.

PRs completed: Measures the amount of Pull Requests shipped (merged) over a given period of time. This is a quantitative measure, which can help detect a sudden change of habit in the team and lead to further investigations.

Unaddressed overdue PRs: Lists overdue pull requests, which have been left unattended for several days. In other words this insight provides a list of pull requests that are overdue and ignored.

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