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Value Stream Management dashboard
Value Stream Management dashboard
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This dashboard provides a funnel to assess and understand the development patterns within your company and teams by answering the following questions:

  • What was the extent of work committed to each project? Where were the global investments made?

  • What behaviors do engineering teams adopt in regard to their tasks? Does their working habit ensure the team's well-being?

  • Who has knowledge about a specific field or project? Who is best suited to complete a particular task?

This approach allows you to identify and address bottlenecks at a project or individual level.


Project effort distribution: This metric is used to understand how the development effort is spread on coexisting projects.

Workload categorization: This metric breaks down the tasks the engineering workload addresses across broad categories.

Planned vs. unplanned work ratio: This insight helps understand whether the development follows a plan (e.g. each Pull Request follows an Issue) or if tasks are informally communicated to the development team (e.g. via Slack).

Engineering proficiency: Measures the number of commits per user per project, on all pull requests over the selected time-period (e.g. 12 months).

Engineering workload distribution: This metric provides an overview of the type of tasks individual engineers have been working on, based on labels (E.g. feature developments, bugs correction, etc.).

Engineering work pattern analysis: This metric provides a granular view of the working pattern of the engineers and of the team.

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