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Issues and PRs > Required approvals remaining
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Dataset: Issues & Pull Requests

Entity: Pull Requests

Field ID: required_approval_remaining_count

Type: Integer

Description: The number of approvals still required before the pull request can be considered approved. For issues, the value is calculated from resolving pull requests.

Source: Calculated

Transformation logic: Number of required approvals - number of approvals received.

  • Pull Requests: calculate required_approval_count - approval_count (minimum is 0).

  • Issues: sum the required approvals remaining of all resolving pull requests. Resolving pull requests are pull requests that reference the issue via auto-closing keywords.


Github (PRs)


Gitlab (PRs)


Bitbucket (PRs)


JIRA (Issues)

Calculated from resolving PRs

ClickUp (Issues)

Calculated from resolving PRs

Trello (Issues)

Calculated from resolving PRs

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