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Dataset: Issues & Pull Requests

Entity: Pull Requests

Field ID: review_state

Type: Select list

Description: The state of the pull request review. Possible values are:

  • APPROVED the pull request is approved by all participating reviewers

  • CHANGES_REQUESTED one of the reviewers has requested changes

  • NONE there are no reviews in progress

  • PENDING some required reviews are still pending approval/rejection

Source: Calculated

Transformation logic:

  • No assigned reviewers => NONE

  • One review is requesting changes => CHANGES_REQUESTED

  • The number of approving reviews is less than the required approval count => PENDING

  • The number of approving reviews is greater than or equal to the required approval count => APPROVED


Github (PRs)


Gitlab (PRs)


Note: Reviewers are not able to request changes in GitLab. It is ONLY possible to approve.

Bitbucket (PRs)


JIRA (Issues)


ClickUp (Issues)


Trello (Issues)


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