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Dataset: Issues & Pull Requests

Entity: Pull Requests, Issues

Field ID: last_review_submitted_at

Type: Datetime

Description: The datetime at which the last review was submitted on a pull request. For issues, it is the timestamp of the newest review submission across all resolving pull requests.

Source: Calculated from pull request reviews

Transformation logic:

  • Pull requests: It is the submission datetime of the last pull request review

  • Issues: It is the submission datetime of the newest pull request review across all resolving pull requests. Resolving pull requests are pull requests that reference the issue via auto-closing keywords.

The table below maps the fields or logic from the source systems corresponding the most closely to the transformation carried out by Keypup:


Github (PR reviews)


Gitlab (PR reviews)

Use the updated_at of the merge request approvals endpoint.

Note: GitLab only exposes approved reviews, there is no concept of informational or “changes requested” reviews.

Bitbucket (PR reviews)



N/A (see transformation logic)


N/A (see transformation logic)


N/A (see transformation logic)

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