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Dataset: Issues & Pull Requests

Entity: Pull Requests, Issues

Field ID: review_requested_at

Type: Datetime

Description: The datetime at which the pull request review was first requested. For issues, it is the timestamp of the oldest request across all resolving pull requests.

Source: Calculated

Transformation logic:

  • Pull requests: It is the datetime at which the requested reviewers array attribute was first modified. Since this tracking is performed on the Keypup side, it is only applicable to pull requests that get reviewers assigned after they have been imported to Keypup. This field will be set to null when we detect that reviewers were assigned prior to importing the pull request to Keypup because we have no way of knowing precisely when this assignment occurred.

  • Issues: it is the datetime of the oldest request for review across all resolving pull requests. Resolving pull requests are pull requests that reference the issue via auto-closing keywords.

The table below maps the fields or logic from the source systems corresponding the most closely to the transformation carried out by Keypup:


Github (PRs)

Use updated_at when review_requests attribute is first changed

Gitlab (PRs)

Use updated_at when reviewers attribute (pending only) is first changed

Bitbucket (PRs)

Use updated_on when reviewers attribute (pending only) is first changed


N/A (see transformation logic)


N/A (see transformation logic)


N/A (see transformation logic)

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